10/20/07 Redwood St Clearlake Ca
KPRS's Actual first investigation took place in Clearlake on the night of October 20th 2007.  Home owner
reported activity around a mid century bed frame that was purchased around 5 years ago. All kinds of activity
happen around the bed including tampering with guests shoes when they sleep in the room , sounds , items
being moved and sometimes hidden and the family dog sits in the room at full attention and observes the bed as
if someone was sitting down on it and speaking .  There were old items in the house including a radio that was
manufactured around 1932 , our EMF detector picked up a  .4 milligauss on the display , the unit was unplugged
and a later sweep of that area revealed that whatever was there before had left and we were unable to
reproduce that same reading. Our digital recorder was left on the bed and was recording fine , 5 minutes later
the new batteries were completely drained. We also had a guest with us that night who was of the Wiccan
religion , she used some of her methods to attempt to communicate with spirits. The findings were very similar to
what the home owner had believed , a young woman who was attached to the object and not the property .  
Nothing was picked up on EVP and other than some cool looking orbs nothing else was found. Our team had
some personal experiences of a heavy feeling in the room , pressure in the ears ect , other rooms in the house
seemed to be fine. Below are some picture from the investigation.
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8/29/09 100 South Forbes st Lakeport Ca
Welcome to the place we call the Blue Steeple. The church was built back in
the 1800's and is still in perfect condition today where it has become a
vacation rental,information on renting is listed below. This building has a
history however. A man that was working on the interior of the building was
killed when his own saw cut off his arm, some children had entered the
building when the man was away and thought they could play a prank on the
man by disabling the safety. Another man died while painting the steeple for no
apparent reason. Previous business owners have packed up and left because
they felt uneasy about the "Friendly  Ghost " that seems to haunt the building.
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investigation along with video clips and evp.
The Dirty Dog Grooming business thats located below the old church reported
to Kelseyville Paranormal that overnight the friendly ghost likes to move their
scissors and electric trimmers and put them in places where the employees
cant even reach ! Strange sounds of foot steps have been heard by Dirty Dog
Grooming and the sound of people moving around inside the church when its
closed and nobody home. This is the second year in a row that Kelseyville
Paranormal has investigated the building. The team enjoyed the church and its
1800 design and architecture and everybody had a personal experience of
some kind in almost every room. Kelseyville Paranormal captured some
strange photographs, evp's and infrared video during the investigation. We
hope you enjoy reviewing the evidence and please feel free to share your
story's with us about this church or anything else that you may think we will
find interesting ! E-mail Ryan at ryan@kelseyvilleparanormal.com
Here is a link for the vacation rental information as promised.  Happy ghost hunting !
Click on the church below to visit the vacation rental information website !
This case was a top priority to us at Kelseyville Paranornal because it involved children, the paranormal events
occured almost nightly in the home.  The client contacted Kathie and Robin our case managers,asking us for
help and to try get a better understanding on what was happening. The client and her family were experiancing  
knocking and banging sounds inside and out of the house,apparitions of children and a female spirit were a
common accurance in the home. The clients daughter was visited constantly by the spirit of a little girl,the spirit
would come out of the childs closet during the night. Spirits were seen all over the house but seemed to be
concentrated in the daughters bedroom.  
A decision was made to take on the case and to help this family at any cost and to
help the children. When Kathie and Robin arrived the client was pleased along with
the children being very curious. Kathie and Robin took photographs and and
performed some evp sessions along with some spirit bored and pendulam work.
Through Kathies spirit bored they basically were told by the spirits in the home that
they were there to protect the family and little girl. Nothing negitive was found and
the the children were never meant to be frightened. The staff had some personal
experiances while investigating the home,strange noises were heard through out the
entire investigation. Orbs were captured in some of the photographs,evp sessions
are still being reviewed and will be posted asap.
5/23/09 Alvita St Clearlake Ca
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of the
and evp
and a detailed
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